Research Rabbit – Review

There is a scatter of AI keyword journal tools popping up and I’m sure you may have seen some littering your inbox. As researchers are creatures of habit using the reference search engine of choice from now to eternity, we’ve had a look at Research Rabbit for you to see if it’s worth taking the plunge.

There mission statement claims to be inventing the way researchers conduct what they do best – you know, research. By linking groups, employers and all the literature scattered in between. This is their first step with their discovery tool: “We’re starting with our Discovery app which unlocks a completely novel way to search for papers and authors, monitor new literature, visualize research landscapes, and collaborate with colleagues.” – ResearchRabbit. They also pledge for the tool to be free to use forever.

What’s on offer?

The first tool they’ve released in the interactive literature discovery tool. In short you input a paper of interest via DOI or other means of input and via keyword scanning and authorship links the tool generate a spider diagram like visual for you to navigate and explore new works.


This is particular useful for your own publications as you can see citations and maybe before unfound work in your chosen speciality.

Dependant on the open-access availability of the publication the pdf of the full copy is normally available on the platform with the abstract appearing regardless. You also have the option to set up customised alerts to your email inbox dependant on the papers you have inputted. Another feature in the option for collaboration meaning you can share the spider web with colleagues working with you on your projects.


The tool is very intuitive and offers a refreshing way to conduct literature reviews away from the tiresome list view of google scholar and webofscience. It seems the inspiration for the name being the rabbit hole, which it can certainly feel like as you swap between publications and enter the loop of similar works.

The downside is the referencing tool integration, no one likes formatting their references and Research Rabbit promises Zotero integration soon but if that isn’t your tool of choice it may be a bump in the road. It would also be nice to have a place to dump the papers to read pile without adding to the collection of selected papers for the tool to use and diluting your results.

Overall it is a very nice tool for paper discovery and literature reviews and allows you to stay within your scope. Also gives you a nice summary of whose working together in your field, never a bad thing to understand the competition! The collaboration section is also a part many literature sites omit!


Here’s the link for the free sign up: