Chemspeed Technologies

Based in Basel, Switzerland, Chempseed specialise in workflow automation and R&D applications of robotics. Providing bench-top automated table devices to complete flexible modular automation system for large scale workflows they claim to “provide and new approach to product development”. From all pharma to material science the multifunction products like the Swing platform can be seen as increasingly more common place in laboratories across the world.

“Individual platform configuration tailored to your workflow with market-proven off-the-shelf components.

Robotic platforms which can easily be integrated with each other to enable multi-workflow processes (e.g. Formulation, Application and Testing procedures all integrated in a single platform).

Chemspeed evolves in a very diversified and very fragmented market. Every industry has different needs, which makes modularity and flexibility a must. Therefore, every Chemspeed’s solution has a 4-dimension orientation, which allows us to offer targeted and tailored products to our customer:

The automated chemistry systems of Chemspeed Technologies ‘condense’ many instrument capabilities (such as reaction preparation, liquid handling, solid weighing and dispensing, reaction & work-up, output to analytics, etc.) into one platform, thereby simplifying the operations required. ” Source:


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