Anton Paar


A company whose story started back in 1922 with Mr. Anton Paar himself, is now synonymous with lab machines all around the world. From microscopes to microwave reactors they have an extensive catalogue of products which is viewable here. the company headquarters are in Gratz, Austria with over 3400 employees running its large scale operation.

“Progress and innovation, high-precision craft and the passion for research – these define Anton Paar. Our measuring instruments reflect our thoughts and actions: Components produced with the highest precision, innovative measuring principles and well-designed user interfaces represent our understanding of quality. Our products are created in a dialog with our customers and integrate seamlessly into their working environment. They exactly meet customers’ requirements and are the solutions for the challenges they face. The notion of continually pushing back the limits of what is technically feasible inspires and motivates us each day to produce the best measuring instruments for our customers.” – Anton Paar

With such a large influence in laboratory equipment it is now surprise they are producing automated lab robotics. With the focus on the analysis side of automation they current have 5 robotic processing machines in their product library.

The HTX seemingly the most customisable (image below). Here are some key features from Anton Paar:

  • For multiparameter analysis in automated workflows
  • Integrates up to ten analytical instruments and covers sample conditioning, preparation, and measurement
  • Fully customizable setup, tailor-made to meet your requirement

The HTX floor-standing automation platform can integrate up to ten different analytical instruments such as viscometers, density meters, or refractometers for concurrent multiparameter analysis. Its modular concept allows fully customized workflows for sample conditioning, preparation, and measurement.  

HTX Robotic Platfrom source: